Based in sunny Madrid, Spain

Hi. I'm Noe.

I'm a Designer

Currently Product Lead Designer at Checkatrade, helping them to improve the UK's #1 trade directory, always at Bipolar-Artist

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Design process

Committed to reach your business goals with design excellence.


Before we start designing I make sure we are asking the right questions for the challenge at hand. This stage usually includes market research, consultancy and exploration of possible alternatives.


This phase involves from wireframes to the development of functional prototypes for your product, which will result in a pixel-perfect design ready for development.


I am a designer who can code as well, so the collaboration with the developers will cover your whole process and more, if needed. I can also develop the front-end of the project if necessary.

Transparency & tests

Through regular meetings the client will have a complete vision of the design process. I can also carry out test studies with real users to improve the design and to narrow down the design to the real needs of the users in subsequent iterations of the first version.

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